Thomas Sheridan


The Sheridan Group

A social worker by training and an advocate by trade, Tom brings a unique perspective to his work as a public policy strategist in Washington, DC, where The Hill newspaper has called him “A powerbroker for those without a voice.” Tom was the chief architect and strategist on the enactment of landmark legislation for the HIV/AIDS community, including the Ryan White CARE Act, as well as the chair of the lobby effort on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). In 1991, Tom founded The Sheridan Group where he and his team work to craft effective strategies for socially responsible public policy initiatives. From the millions of lives saved by the successful advocacy of Bono’s One Campaign to the creation of Social Innovation Fund as a new prototype for public sector investment and impact, The Sheridan Group has catalyzed and provided the strategic counsel for some of the boldest and most effective public policy campaigns of the last two decades.