Tanya Beer

Associate Director, Center for Evaluation Innovation

Innovation Network

Tanya Beer is the Associate Director for the Center for Evaluation Innovation in Washington, D.C. The Center’s mission is to build the field of evaluation for social change strategies that are challenging to measure and where traditional program evaluation approaches are not always a good fit, such as advocacy, systems change and communications. Her current work with the Hewlett Foundation is a developmental evaluation of the Madison Initiative, aimed at improving the ability of the US Congress to deliberate, negotiate and compromise. In addition to publishing on emerging trends in the evaluation of innovative social change efforts, Tanya works with foundations, nonprofits and evaluators to develop new evaluation tools, methods, and learning processes. She also co-directs the Evaluation Roundtable, a network of foundation leaders in evaluation in the US, Canada, and the UK, that seeks to improve how foundations learn about their results and increase their impact.