Philip Reitinger

President and CEO

Global Cyber Alliance

Sessions / Events:

Philip Reitinger has served as the President & CEO of the Global Cyber Alliance since December 2015. GCA is a non-profit organization focused on eradicating systemic cybersecurity risks – risk by risk. He also serves on the advisory boards of companies, mentors start-ups, and is a Senior Associate (Non-resident) at the CSIS. Formerly he filled senior cybersecurity roles at VisionSpear LLC, Sony and Microsoft. In 2009 Mr. Reitinger was appointed as the Deputy Under Secretary for NPPD at DHS. He also served as the first Executive Director of the DoD’s Cyber Crime Center, and as Deputy Chief of CCIPS at DoJ. Mr. Reitinger was awarded the Secretary of Homeland Security’s Distinguished Service Medal and the Attorney General’s John Marshall Award.