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Juanita Capri Brown specializes in racial equity and healing in complex environments. A Chicago native, she heads up her consulting practice from Oakland, California. She supports the public and non-profit sectors, and communities across the nation to undertake breakthrough dialogues and processes. Her work results in staff, students, parents, educators and executives more productively agitating systems and transforming relationships in their respective contexts.

Juanita co-produced the Emmy-nominated PBS documentary, “Traces of the Trade: A Story from the Deep North”. After the film’s debut, she co-founded the Tracing Center on Histories and Legacies of Slavery and served on its founding board of directors. Juanita served as a speaker and facilitator for Tracing Center programs on racial healing and equity, and played a key role in the design of the center’s school programs, educator workshops and general public programs.

Juanita has also worked with public and independent school systems, the U.S. Embassy of the Dominican Republic, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Starr Commonwealth youth development organization. She received her undergraduate degree from Stanford and holds a Master’s in Public Policy from the University of California at Berkeley. Juanita cherishes her family roots which run deep in the state of Alabama.