Duane Gautier

CEO & President

Arch Development Corporation

Duane Gautier has over forty-five years experience in community economic development and social services. He began his career in social service as a civil rights activist before his combat service in Vietnam. Upon his return from duty in the late 60’s; Mr. Gautier continued his work with Civil Rights and the Anti-Vietnam War Movement while attending Rutgers University studying Politics and Policy.

Mr. Gautier’s social service evolved into community development as a New Jersey State government agency director in charge of a state office on energy policy. He was also a Faculty Instructor at Ramapo State College, teaching courses on social options of government decisions.

In the early 80’s Mr. Gautier became an Executive for the Potomac Electric Power Company, in charge of its community development programs; during which time he, in 1986, founded ARCH where Mr. Gautier is currently the Chief Executive Officer. ARCH believes arts and the creative economy can be employed as part of a comprehensive, synergistic approach to community revitalization in the Anacostia community of the Washington, DC. ARCH feels that properly organized facilities and development programs designed to attract artists, performing arts groups, theater companies and small businesses organizations can serve as the engine for neighborhood economic development.

Mr. Gautier also has served as a consultant to the European Union’s Social Exclusion program and IBR, the purpose of which is to create a series of learning forums that will facilitate exchanges between community based non governmental organizations, policy makers and public and private funding institutions, that will serve as the basis for experience sharing, learning and best practice relating to community economic development.