Antony Chiang


Empire Health Foundation

Sessions / Events:

Antony champions the innovative practice of “Philanthropy 3.0”: a proven approach to achieve
measurable sustainable impact, woven together with a focus on collaboration, diversity and

Under his leadership, EHF has catalyzed a significant number of innovative public-private
collaborations that have achieved measurable results:

  • radically reducing the rate of uninsured
  • decreasing childhood obesity
  • mitigating the effects of childhood trauma or adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)
  • improving key performance indicators of child welfare providers
  • increasing the pipeline of primary care providers, and
  • improving other outcomes in the region.

Our partnership with other public and private funders, has driven growth of the funding that
EHF governs by 900%. We have partnered to bring more than $235 million to WA State and the

National recognition includes the Secretary’s Award for Public Philanthropic Partnership,
presented by HUD Secretary Donovan and the Council of Foundations (“COF”) in recognition of
“an exemplary public-philanthropic partnership which has transformed the relationship among
the sectors, led to measurable benefits for residents and community, and serves as a role model
for other communities”. Antony has also been honored with the Annual Public Health Leader
Award by the Washington State Public Health Association.

Engaged in the field at the national level, Antony is a member of Robert Wood Johnson
Foundation’s National Advisory Board that determines its signature Culture of Health Prize,
serves on the board of Grantmakers in Health, as well as the board of Independent Sector.
Regionally, he serves on the board of Philanthropy Northwest, as well as statewide leadership
boards including both the Governor’s Council for the Healthiest Next Generation and the
Governor’s Washington State Opportunity Scholarship Board.

Antony is a frequent keynote speaker and panelist at philanthropy and health conferences.

Prior to working at EHF, Antony was an executive at TechSoup Global, a leading philanthropic
service provider, designing and managing innovative models of corporate technology
philanthropy and streamlining international grant making. In addition, he has served as the chief
executive of several social enterprise start-ups and practiced corporate venture capital law.
Antony earned his B.S. in Electrical Engineering/Computer Science from UC Berkeley and his J.D.
from Stanford Law School.