What’s Next for Our Country, Our Sector and NGen Leadership

By Amber Cruz Mohring

Young Nonprofit Professionals Network

In this year’s election the Millennial and Gen X voters are once again key to determining the next leaders of our country. In fact, the Pew Research Center has said that this may be the last presidential election that Baby Boomers are the dominant voting population.

Now more than ever emerging nonprofit and philanthropic leaders play a critical role in their organizations and their communities setting the agenda for change. Charitable sector leaders, age 40 and under, are watching the election not only for what the results will hold for the future of our country and the sector, but for what leadership is needed to make an impact on the issues we care about most.

It is with this political and social landscape in mind that the Independent Sector NGen Advisory Committee came together earlier this year to develop the program for the NGen Experience at the 2016 Independent Sector Conference. Each year a group of 12-15 next generation nonprofit and philanthropic leaders are tasked with crafting an experience that reflects the diverse leadership development and skill building needs of charitable sector leaders, age 40 and under.

It was clear to us that the role of democracy and civic engagement in social change would be weighing on the minds of next generation leaders this November. Aligning this theme with important capacity building areas for emerging charitable sector leaders, the Advisory Group designed an NGen Experience that will engage attendees in critical conversations, learning experiences and networking opportunities.

The program will open with an interactive luncheon debrief on the election, where Steven Olikara will lead a panel of speakers in reflecting on this year’s results. Through his work at Millennial Action Project, Olikara—the founder and CEO—is creating a political environment where cooperation is the governing paradigm and leaders work together to address challenges of the future.

This will set the stage for a series of sessions that will dive into democracy and civic engagement on key topics including advocacy, equity and diversity, as well as community engagement. Following the thematic breakouts, a series of skill building sessions will be offered in communications, change management and emotional intelligence.

Following a day of robust dialogue and hands-on learning, NGen Experience and Public Policy Action Institute participants will gather for a networking reception. The NGen Experience will capstone with a Capitol Hill Day where both emerging and established leaders will partner to discuss key social sector issues with our newly elected members of Congress.

Join this remarkable community of nonprofit and philanthropic leaders for two days of engaging and energizing discussions about the future of our country, our sector and our generation’s leadership.